Interactive Laser Cat Toy Electric

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What Makes This Automatic Laser Cat Toy An Ideal Gift For Cats?

 Benefits of increasing cats' physical exercise & mental stimulation, keeping cats active and healthy.

 Easy-attachable to any cat tree, table, desk, or chair. Up to 2-3 cats to play simultaneously. The timer automatically turns off the toy after 15 minutes for your cats to rest.

automatic laser cat toy

 Composed of cat feather toy and laser light feature, triggers cats' natural instinct to chase, hunt, and scratch, relieve stress for cats when parents are away or at work.

 Can charge with all devices through a USB port, a full charge for 4 hrs supports 10-12 hrs playtime. Adjustable mirror to aim laser across different surfaces for cats to have much fun. 

interactive laser cat toy

Package includes:

A: Toy*1       B: USB cable*1      C: Replaceable feather*2     

D: Screw*2     E: User Manual*1      

Some other interactive toys are available for your preference.


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